Zion’s Harp CD 5


Beginning in the early 1830s, a kingdom revival group was born in Switzerland under the leadership of Samuel Froehlich.  Froehlich commissioned the publication of a new hymnal for the use of the brotherhood.  The new book became known as Zion’s Harp and is still used by the Apostolic Christian Church, the descendants of the revival in Switzerland.  These CDs are part of an effort to record every hymn in the Zion’s Harp hymnal.  The hymns are sung in reverent, moderately-paced, four-part harmony.  Recording quality is excellent.  Includes a booklet with historical information about the songs.  Most of these songs are not familiar outside of the Apostolic Christian Church.  They are well worth learning.

65. One Thing is Needful

66. The School of the Cross

67. God’s Power Revealed in the Clouds

68. Walking with God

69. Brotherly Love

70. Love and Loving

71. Praise to God in Baptism

72. Pure and Holy Love

73. The Flame of Jesus’ Love

74. God’s Divine Compassion

75. Give Thanks Unto the Father

76. Brotherly Love

77. Jesus, Come, O Come to Me

78. Faith, Hope, and Love

79. The Union of Hearts

80. Love Begets Love

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