Was Jesus the First Feminist?


Many Christian books and commentators today portray Jesus as the first feminist. They claim Jesus ushered in a new era for women. “But Jesus didn’t teach feminism,” someone might object. He introduced a number of new teachings to mankind, but He never said a single word indicating that God’s order of headship needed changing. So how could anyone possibly argue that Jesus was the first feminist? If you’re willing to bend the facts and fabricate history, it isn’t difficult at all.

Modern commentators typically point to the Mishnah to argue that Jesus’ treatment of women was nothing short of revolutionary in His day. However, Bercot goes to the Mishnah itself to show that such commentators typically have never even read it. He demonstrates that feminists and modern commentators have fabricated history in an attempt to show that Jesus overthrew the very order of headship that He—as our Creator—instituted.


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