Thy Kingdom Come!


Sometimes the deepest truths come from children. My six-year-old said, “If God let everybody into Heaven, then Heaven would be just like earth.”

The world with all its conflict and turmoil is more like Hell than Heaven. How can sinful people ever get to Heaven?

When sinners cry out to God for mercy and repent of their sin, God hears their prayers, forgives their sin, and comes to live in their hearts. And then an amazing thing happens—Heaven starts right here on earth in the hearts of believers. They congregate, worshiping together and serving and blessing each other. Their lives change. They become more heavenly. And when they die, God welcomes them into Heaven.

Thy Kingdom Come! shows the sinner how to be saved, challenges the believer to become more like Jesus, and calls all of us to be part of the bright spots of heavenly living on earth, part of the kingdom of Heaven.

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Matt Drayer

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