The Scriptures Preserved and Translated


We know that God preserved the Scriptures down through the ages, but how did He do it? This detailed account of Bible translation will inspire your thankfulness and appreciation for how God has used people across the centuries to translate His Word into common languages. This book tells the story of the main Bible translations in Latin, English, German, and Dutch. It introduces the pioneers of Bible translation and printing—Jerome, Bede, Wycliffe, Gutenberg, Erasmus, Tyndale, and many more.

The readable text traces the history of the ancient texts and the translations that culminated in the King James Version. It presents principles for God-honoring translations, as well as the difficulties and perils such an undertaking involves. Further, it is a museum of full-color facsimiles, time lines, maps, diagrams, photos, and illustrations. The general reader will appreciate boxes with definitions for technical terms. Further research is facilitated by a large bibliography and many footnotes. This book is an excellent addition to any home, school, or church library.

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Dale A. Burkholder





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