The Myth of Christian America – CD Set


This 15-CD set by David Bercot summarizes the history of America and shows conclusively that America is not a Christian nation.  Discusses Martin Luther, John Calvin, the Pilgrims and Puritans, the American Revolution, George Washington, and the Constitution.  Excellent resource for refuting the Christian Patriotic arguments about the founding of America.


CD Titles:


1. In the Beginning – A Look at the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms

2. The Reformation vs. the Kingdom of God

3. Geneva – The Seedbed of “Christian America”

4. When Puritans Ruled

5. The English Come to America

6. The Truth About Puritan New England

7. A Different Look at the Causes of the American Revolution

8. The Real Reasons Why the Americans Won the Revolution

9. The Losers: The Ones Who Suffered

10. Persecution of Kingdom Christians During the American Revolution

11. Faith of the Founding Fathers #1: The “Conventional” Christians

12. Faith of the Founding Fathers #2: George Washington

13. Faith of the Founding Fathers #3: The Deists and Fence-Sitters

14. How God Was Written Out of the U.S. Constitution

15. Sources


An excellent companion to Bercot’s book, In God We Don’t Trust.

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