Nonresistance vs. Just War Debate CD-set


On March 8, 2014, an historic debate on nonresistance versus the Just War theory occurred in Boston, Massachusetts.  Titled “It’s Just War: Can Christians Fight?,” two men defended nonresistance (David Bercot and Dean Taylor) and two defended the Just War theory (J. Daryl Charles and Peter Kreeft).  Can Christians fight?  Is war right?  Do Christians have a responsibility to fight in just wars?  What did the early church teach on the subject?  Listen as these four men defend their positions and answer questions from the moderator and audience.  Exciting and interesting discussion.  2-CD set, audio.

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Dean Taylor, David Bercot, J. Daryl Charles, & Peter Kreeft

Date of debate

March 28, 2014


CD set


Approximately 2 hours


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