Muddy Creek Review 2023


Muddy Creek Review is the annual publication of Muddy Creek Farm Library, featuring articles on Anabaptist, Mennonite, and Old Order history.

In this issue:

“A Glimpse at the Weaverland Settlement,” by Lloyd M. Weiler

“The Jacob Wisler Schism of 1872,” by Richard Hoover

“80 Years of Weaverland Conference’s Fire and Storm Plan,” by Neal M. Hoover

“What Was Happening 500 Years Ago? Conrad Grebel’s Journey to Faith,” by James K. Nolt

“Heirlooms for Story Starters,” by Alvin L. Hoover

“In Memory [James Lowry],” by Piet Visser

“Book Review: A History of the New Testament Text,” by Stephen Weiler

“Documents of Brotherly Love”

“Shabab: A Floret Small,” by Benedicht Brechbuhl

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