Muddy Creek Review 2022


Muddy Creek Review is the annual publication of Muddy Creek Farm Library, featuring articles on Anabaptist, Mennonite, and Old Order history.

In this issue:

“Muddy Creek Farm Library Dedication,” by John L. Ruth
“Swiss Brethren or Mennonites? What Changed?,” by Amos B. Hoover & Alvin L. Hoover
“Who Was Jan Luyken?,” by Wilmer R. Eby
“Of Making Paper and Books–Jan Luyken’s Martyrs Mirror Sketch,” by Neal Hoover & Alvin Hoover
“Wisconsin v. Yoder Supreme Court Case 50 Year Anniversary: 1972-2022,” by James K. Nolt
“Preserving Our History: Does It Matter?,” by Lloyd M. Weiler

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