Muddy Creek Review 2019


Muddy Creek Review is the annual publication of Muddy Creek Farm Library, featuring articles on Anabaptist, Mennonite, and Old Order history.

In this issue:

“The Life, Labors, and Faith of Andrew S. Kinsinger,” by Edward R. Ker
“The Jonas Martin Era, 1875-1925, Revisited,” by Lloyd M. Weiler
“The Making of a Book: The Jonas Martin Era,” by Alvin L. Hoover
“The Popularity and Decline of the Froschauer Bible,” by Lloyd M. Weiler
“The Background of English Bible Versions,” by James K. Nolt
“Museum of the Bible,” by Alvin L. Hoover
“Historian M. G. Weaver,” by Amos B. Hoover
“German Script, a Brief History”

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