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Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The term brings to mind pictures of people knocking on our doors, handing us Watchtower magazines, and wanting to have “Bible studies” in our homes – out of their own Bible translation, of course.

We all know the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult, don’t we?

But are most American churches really any different, in substance, from the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Is it possible that the very things Jehovah’s Witnesses do which we think of as wrong or unbalanced – such as magnifying (wrong) theology, magnifying insignificant things, proclaiming false prophecies, magnifying eschatology, and twisting Scripture – are also hallmarks of much of professing American Christianity?

After becoming personally acquainted with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Matt Drayer is convinced that there are many parallels between the JWs and most of what is called “Christianity” in America today. In this book, Matt argues that the Jehovah’s Witness system is simply another variation on the theme of popular American religion? 

Is it possible that we have been magnifying the wrong things?  Is it possible that our focus has been misplaced?  Do we need to repent?

In this book, Matt Drayer takes us on a journey.  A journey through the lens of a magnifying glass.  Past the tertiary issues of the Christian walk.  Past the secondary issues…right to the heart of the issue…JESUS CHRIST! 

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