Labyrinth of the World


If you loved Pilgrim’s Progress, now you need to discover the original pilgrim allegory, penned 55 years earlier.
The Labyrinth of the World is an allegory that takes the reader on a tour through all the world has to offer through the eyes and perspective of the story’s main protagonist, Pilgrim.
Pilgrim desires to live a good and meaningful life. He must choose a life’s occupation during his tour of the world. He is aided in this journey by Mr. Ubiquitous and Mr. Delusion, whose sole effort is to get Pilgrim to see the world as they want him to see it. During this adventure, Pilgrim experiences despair, vanity, and violence. Finally, Pilgrim meets Jesus Christ, and his life is transformed.
This book expresses how a believer can live in a world that is falling apart and rise above the existence of one’s time. This edition also features a major section about the author, his times, and his legacy that can encourage us today.
Now, on the cusp of the 400th anniversary of this story’s initial writing, it has been adapted for easier reading. For the first time in history, Labyrinth is made available in a color hardbound edition, to be enjoyed by a wide audience.

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John Amos Comenius

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Hardcover with Dustjacket




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