Historic Faith Commentary on Romans


There are hundreds of commentaries on Romans in print today, and thousands have been written over the centuries. So what is the point of still one more commentary? The reason is that this is not “still one more commentary.” In this commentary, the reader will be seeing Romans through the eyes of the Christians who lived in the first few centuries after Romans was written. Some of these men personally knew the apostles. They all lived in the same culture in which Paul lived. Their native tongue was koiné Greek.

This commentary enables the reader to share the same experience that a Christian living in the first four centuries would have experienced when hearing Romans explained on a given Sunday. You will hear the same explanations they would have heard. As you will see, those early Christians understood Romans quite differently than what most Christians do today. That is because they lived prior to the two major reinterpretations of Romans: that of Augustine and that of Luther. After hearing the early Christian understanding of Romans, the readers can then decide whether they think the entire church got Romans wrong from the very beginning—or if Christians today are badly misreading this important book of Scripture.

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