Historic Faith Commentary on Matthew Volume 1


Many museums around the world contain Renaissance paintings of biblical scenes. These paintings are beautiful and reflect exceptional artistic skill. However, all the biblical characters wear Renaissance clothing, not the clothing of biblical times. If the early Christians had seen these paintings, they would have been startled at the novel clothing on the people.

Modern commentaries are often like those Renaissance paintings. The commentators are skilled communicators, masters of their art. Their verbal illustrations are engaging, and their explanations of Scripture resonate with twenty-first century Christians. However, they clothe the teachings of Jesus and His apostles with ideas and viewpoints that were wholly foreign to the first century.

The Historic Faith Commentary on Matthew is designed to help readers see the Gospel of Matthew through the eyes of the Christians who lived in the early centuries after Christ. It brings the Scriptures to life—not by garbing the people of the first century in twenty-first century clothes—but by clothing them in ancient garments. As a result, the reader is certain to find new insights (really, ancient ones) from the Gospel of Matthew. Volume 1 covers Matthew chapters 1-13, which includes an in-depth discussion of the Sermon on the Mount.

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