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For centuries, little was known or remembered about Jakob Ammann except his prominent role in the contentious division which split the Swiss Brethren into Amish and Mennonite factions. For too long, Ammann was portrayed as a troublemaker, solely to blame for the division. But in the last thirty years, new research has shed light on Jakob Ammann’s personal life outside of the Amish division.

In this book, gain insight into how Jakob Ammann, born to Protestant parents and baptized as a baby, became an Anabaptist leader, and learn about his life and ministry. See how, in spite of his failures, Ammann is a person to be admired for his zeal and refusal to compromise, as well as for his humility and repentance.

“We welcome this fresh and factual biography of Jakob Ammann. His life story is worth reading, and we can learn from Jakob Ammann’s unswerving vision of a holy and disciplined church of Jesus Christ.”
–Joseph Stoll, Co-founder, Pathway Publishers

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Andrew V. Ste. Marie & Mike Atnip

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