Foundations in Stewardship Student Workbook


Foundations in Stewardship offers 30 lessons weaving together practical financial advice, Biblical wisdom, and true stories. The lessons are targeted to conservative Anabaptist students in 8th or 9th grades. The course intends to shape students’ vision and actions in the years before they begin earning and spending.
Themes in this course:
1. A steward’s mentality recognizes God’s ultimate ownership of everything, while an owner’s mentality selfishly claims ownership of what he’s been given.
2. A truly successful life is one of faithful stewardship, not accumulation of wealth.
3. Financial matters and spiritual matters directly impact each other and cannot be separated.
4. Wise stewards seek counsel from God, parents, and the church brotherhood.
5. The financial choices of youth will have lifelong consequences.
Use with Life in a Global Village by Gary Miller.

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