Documents of Brotherly Love Volume 3


This richly illustrated third and concluding volume of Documents of Brotherly Love contains 239 documents spanning the years 1712 to 1784. It continues the story of Dutch Mennonite aid to Swiss Anabaptists as the latter faced the hostile climate in Canton Bern, then shifts to the Electoral Palatinate in southern Germany, where successive generations of earlier Swiss refugees were navigating an uncertain toleration as the government attempted to increase their tax burden and constrict their growth. The sources describe the vicissitudes common to all Palatines when their homes were overrun and pillaged by invading armies, as well as the hardships caused by crop failures and environmental disasters. Simultaneously, the documents provide windows into the motives and experiences of Swiss and Palatine Anabaptists migrating to and settling in British colonial North America. All these experiences are framed by the persistent commitment of the Dutch Mennonites to assist their fellow Anabaptists in their times of need.

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Edsel Burdge Jr. & Lydia Penner

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John L. Ruth


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