Dark Roast 12 oz. Ground


What reading experience is complete without a cup of coffee?


Strong Tower Coffee is certainly among the best coffee in the world. Grown on the beautiful, scenic coffee farms in the mountains and forests of El Salvador, Strong Tower Coffee is a gourmet product. While other coffees may have a burnt taste, Strong Tower has a fruity taste and is not overcooked.


When you buy Strong Tower Coffee, you have the double blessing of drinking some of the best coffee on the planet and, at the same time, knowing that your purchase helps to support an Anabaptist-operated children’s home and Christian day school for abandoned El Salvadoran children.


Strong Tower Coffee is:

  • Shade-grown
  • Fair trade
  • Hand picked
  • Wet processed
  • Sun dried


Dark Roast: Intense, French roast flavor with a bold smoky body.



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