Better Safe Than Sorry


Accidents seem to be a part of life. They happen so often that we almost get used to them. But could many of them be prevented? Are there things we can do to avoid being the next one who gets hurt?

This book presents real-life stories of accidents and calamities people have experienced­—often because of unwise choices—and what they have learned from them. How can small watch batteries turn out to be deadly? Why should bicyclists beware of “dooring”? How can you shoot a hole through a window with an “empty” gun?

This book will answer these questions and provide a wealth of other safety information. It will help us go through life as God intends—by trusting Him while also applying wisdom and common sense.
Filled with full-color illustrations, this easy-to-read book is a guide to everyday safety in the home and community, on the farm, and on the road.

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Mike Atnip





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