Anabaptist History CD set

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The Anabaptists have constituted one of the most important Kingdom movements in the history of Christianity. In this series of exciting messages, Taylor first talks about the early Christians and kingdom movements prior to the Anabaptists. He then thoroughly explains the events and people who were important in the birth of the Anabaptist Movement in the 16th Century. From there, Taylor describes the Amish-Mennonite division and other key events in the history of the Anabaptists through today. This set of 22 CDs covers the following topics:

  • Disc 1: Introduction to Anabaptist History
  • Disc 2: The Early Church
  • Disc 3: Early Church Problems and Constantine
  • Disc 4: The Church Councils and the Pilgrim Church
  • Disc 5: Erasmus, Luther and The Radical Reformation
  • Disc 6: The Early Lives of Zwingli and Conrad Grebel
  • Disc 7: The Birth of the Anabaptists
  • Disc 8: The Early Swiss Brethren
  • Disc 9: The Martyrdom of Michael Sattler and the Schleitheim Confession
  • Disc 10: Swiss Brethren: Growth & Persecution
  • Disc 11: The Birth of the Amish
  • Disc 12: Early Anabaptist Concept of Missions and the Kingdom of God
  • Disc 13: The Birth of the Hutterites: Part 1
  • Disc 14: The Hutterites: Part 2
  • Disc 15: The Munster Tragedy and Melchior Hoffman
  • Disc 16: Menno Simons and the Early Dutch Anabaptists
  • Disc 17: The Church Splits of Holland: Lessons for Today
  • Disc 18: The Russian Mennonite Fire and the Decline of the Dutch Mennonites
  • Disc 19: The Anabaptists Come to America
  • Disc 20: The Anabaptists Revival
  • Disc 21: The 20th Century Anabaptist Mission Movement
  • Disc 22: “Be History Makers!”

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