A Vision of Kingdom Christianity


Could it be that God is calling you higher?

Confusion reigns in our world as we near the end of the age, and no less in the world of professing Christianity. In the years since Jesus Christ walked this earth, those who call themselves Christians have taken many different paths. Just what is God’s design for the kingdom of His dear Son? Take a step back for a moment…While reading this book, you will be able to ponder deeply, carefully, and slowly as the author takes you on a high-altitude walk through the Scriptures, pointing out often-neglected or forgotten truths of this glorious kingdom. David Robertson peels back the layers of clouds and smog which have clouded our vision and shows us the big picture of God’s kingdom. This is probably one of the most important books to be published in our generation. It is a stirring call for our Anabaptist people—and those of non-Anabaptist backgrounds as well—to understand and embrace the foundational pillars of our most holy faith.

“We could call this [book] a statement of faith, a vision statement, or a job description. Really, it is more than just a simple statement. It is an address to the nation—the Christian nation. It is a rallying call for us to gather together and take our place on God’s boat. I am writing this statement as if you were the crew on the U-boat [submarine] getting a pep talk before going into battle. The important thing for you as the crew to know would not be how the metal in the boat was made or how tight the bolts are, but rather, what is expected of you by your captain, what are the best ways to operate in the dangerous waters, and what is the great cause for which you are fighting. You and I, as Christians, could discuss many interesting but secondary topics concerning God and our faith, but most important: How is my faith in God to be worked out in real life? How am I to live? In other words, what is it that God expects of me if I am to be on His crew and engaged in the battle?”
—David Robertson

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