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Another Year Has Passed Away

By John M. Brenneman

From the January 1871 issue of Herald of Truth


Another year has passed away,

     Which brings us nearer to the tomb;

Should we not all then watch and pray

     And seek for an eternal home?


Another year is now begun

     Which possibly may be our last;

Our race perhaps we may have run

     Before the present year is past.


This year may close the pilgrimage

     Of our short life on earth below;

Let us then heed the privilege

     Of being well prepared to go.


This year our destiny may seal,

     For future joys, or misery;

Soon Jesus will himself reveal,

     In glory and great majesty.


To judge the world in righteousness,

     When sinners will be cast away,

To outer darkness and distress,

     But saints shall with their Jesus stay.


Wake up ye mortals, and be wise,

     As days, and months, and years pass by;

O haste and make a noble choice—

     In Jesus trust, to Jesus fly.


What awful scenes may we behold,

     Before the present year rolls round—

O let us then not live so cold;

     Soon may the Lord us all confound.


O let us think how short is time,

     In which we may great wealth secure—

O Lord, do thou our hearts incline,

     To seek for treasures ever sure.


Soon, soon the harvest day may close,

     The summer soon be ended too;

Yet we may gather, yet may choose,

     And yet avoid eternal woe.


Come, fellow pilgrim, haste away

     To Jesus Christ who bids you come,

For here we cannot always stay;

     Then let us seek in heaven a home.